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Leather clad mystics plead psychosomatics
Princes with demons still hide in the attic
Their life is worth more than your life will ever be
Guarded remains left to unwanted scavengers
Dressed up as clerics they drift through the stratosphere
Look through the looking glass Seek and you’ll have it
Angels are nervous who knows what they’re looking for
Marry for money brag life’s just a metaphor
Sink or they swim but the ledger will tell it all
Bigots they protest they speak for a nation
Children will buy it and feast on their anger
Too late to change They hold the power
Fighting continues Crimes unabated
Brothers fight brothers Egos inflated
No one can win this The pain lasts forever
Kept all the letters they’re stashed in a shoebox
Married a teacher but craved for another
Smile for the camera but cry in your pillow